Our goal is to ensure every one of our neighbors has a happy, healthy place to call home. Together, let’s make our communities the best they can be.


Rampathon 2016

2016 marked the 23rd anniversary of our annual event Rampathon®. Since 1993 our members have contributed  more than 400+ ramps to members of our King and Snohomish County communities.

The addition of a ramp to a home is more than just an alternate way into a house. In many cases it provides a means to truly re-enter the world and have the opportunity to participate in life. It benefits both the individual who is in need and the family and caretakers as well. Easy access can mean less strain when pushing a wheelchair, it means not having to drag a wheelchair or walker down stairs while trying to crawl out of the home; it means being able to go outside on a beautiful day and simply enjoy; it means being able to go to much needed doctor appointments without added stress; it means being able to attend family and friend functions that are what life is truly all about.

Our ramps provide safety and peace of mind. The addition of a ramp insures that there is a way out in the case of a fire or other home emergency; it is peace of mind knowing that emergency aid crews can get in and out with those in need if a medical emergency presents itself.

For those who participate in Rampathon® it is an experience that changes everyone involved. The ability to volunteer one day in order to truly change someone’s life is an incredible experience. Many captains maintain contact with their recipients and develop life-long friendships. At a minimum our teams give a gift of hope to someone in need and their families.


The Master Builders Association is proud to help local veterans, children in need and elderly community members become more mobile and independent.

Applications to be considered for a free wheelchair ramp are available in January and February of each year.

Click here for the Rampathon application.