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Department of Commerce Releases Housing Memo

Posted on Jul 19, 2019 in:
  • Housing Affordability
  • Industry Issues
  • Advocacy

The Washington State Department of Commerce recently released its Housing Memo: Issues Affecting Housing Availability and Affordability. This memo addresses barriers to housing production and affordability in Washington and provides 46 tools aimed at assisting local governments in improving housing affordability.

The memo was requested by the 2017 Legislature’s Senate Bill 5254 as part of updates to the Buildable Lands program, the review and evaluation component of the Growth Management Act. It was prepared by Pacific Northwest Economics, LDC Inc., and participants in the Buildable Lands Advisory Committee. It takes a deep dive into the housing development and permitting process, market and public sector factors affecting cost, and ways to increase the availability and affordability of housing in our communities.

Contact King County Manager Jennifer Anderson, 425.460.8240, with any questions.


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Photo courtesy Blue Sound Construction, builder; MaKe Design, architect; and Alex Hayden, photographer