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Lake Stevens Starts Work on 2019 Comprehensive Plan Docket and Land Use Code Amendment

Posted on Sep 20, 2019 in:
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The Lake Stevens Planning Commission received its first briefings on the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Docket and Land Use Code Amendment on Wednesday, Sept. 18. The docket would change Medium Density Residential density calculations by going from “gross” to “net” density and by changing the maximum 12 units per acre down to eight units (see page 43). The docket also includes analysis and recommendations to subarea plans by Berk Consulting.

The land use code amendment is largely based on zoning code recommendations by the Land Use Advisory Committee and the consolidation and reorganization of subdivision code. However, there are significant changes proposed to the Planned Residential Development (PRD) code, which includes a 20% density bonus currently not available. A PRD still requires a site to contain at least five acres, but changes the density calculation to 120% of the maximum density of the underlying zone and uses “net” developable land.

The City Council was also briefed on the comprehensive plan docket at a special council meeting the following day. Much of the council’s discussion revolved around the subarea plans and the council has determined to prioritize the subareas first, before looking at the land use code changes. The tentative schedule for the public hearing on the docket is Nov. 26. MBAKS will continue to be involved in the process and keep you updated as it progresses.

Contact Snohomish County Manager Dylan Sluder, 425.460.8236, with any questions.


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Photo courtesy Blue Sound Construction, builder; MaKe Design, architect; and Alex Hayden, photographer