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Kirkland Approves Increased School Impact Fees

Posted on Sep 11, 2020 in:
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On September 1, the Kirkland City Council approved a request from the Lake Washington School District to increase school impact fees on new single-family (SFR) and multifamily residential (MFR). The District is anticipating a 10.2% increase in student population from 2020–2025, with growth at all grade levels.

Based on the new 2020–2025 Capital Facilities Plan, the District is requesting for 2021 the City collect $15,070 ($1,437 increase over 2020, or 10.5%) for SFR and $2,701 ($1,313 increase over 2020, or 94.6%) for MFR. The District said the increases are due in part to construction inflation costs and student generation factors. The District has seen a slight decrease in student generation in single-family development and an increase in student generation for multifamily units. In addition, the District noted the decrease in the capital bond rate and that the Redmond Ridge East development is complete with no additional single-family payments.

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