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Everett City Council Adopts Rethink Zoning

Posted on Nov 6, 2020 in:
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This week, the Everett City Council adopted the Rethink Zoning initiative code amendments. Rethink Zoning was a multiyear initiative to update, consolidate, and simplify the city’s zoning code by building on the success of the Metro Everett Plan.

Changes of note include an increase to ADU maximum square feet (now 1,000 square feet, up from 800) and allowing for ADUs on lots with duplexes and townhomes. There are also positive changes to go with administrative approval of short plats by eliminating the posting and notice to adjacent owners and additionally removing the requirement to post a project site when it is exempt from SEPA.

Consistent with state law, additional exemptions from SEPA for infill development are added in the Urban Residential 4 (UR4) zone and Mixed Urban zone. Other changes include consolidation of building form and design standards, new street designations, and updates to sidewalk and street improvement requirements. The city council also approved of some minor amendments to Rethink that did not have substantive change.

MBAKS submitted comments supporting the positive changes in the amendments and asking the city to continue the work on other pro-housing measures removed from Rethink Zoning, such as duplexes on corner lots and townhomes being allowed in single-family zones. View the staff report and packet or learn more about Rethink Zoning.

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