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Councilmember Mosqueda Speaks at Seattle Builders Council

Posted on Mar 5, 2021 in:
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Councilmember at-large and Chair of the Housing Committee (Vice-Chair of Land Use Committee) Teresa Mosqueda spoke this week at the SBC meeting. She spoke about the dire need to address the "missing middle" housing crisis in Seattle and how townhomes are a huge part of that equation.

Members shared their experiences of their townhome pipelines stalling due to "death by a thousand cuts" when it comes to additional department requirements that add to the cost. The cumulative effect is making housing in our city too expensive to build and, ultimately, too expensive to buy.

Councilmember Mosqueda requested a follow-up meeting with MBAKS staff to discuss the new fire sprinkler requirement and the recently announced change by King County to now require separate plumbing permits for each townhome. She also reiterated her support to amend the current density rounding to again allow for four townhomes.

MBAKS will continue to work closely with Councilmember Mosqueda, as she supports our efforts to build much needed housing on our region. Contact with any questions.


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