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King County Adopts Amended EV Proposal

Posted on Jul 16, 2021 in:
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The King County Council this week voted unanimously to adopt legislation that requires new development to install electric vehicle (EV) ready or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in parking. After receiving stakeholder input through meetings with staff and members of the Council, Councilmember Dunn proposed an amendment to remove the requirement for single family, cottage housing and some attached townhome development as defined in code. This measure also provides clarification around load management technology when serving multiple EVSE spaces simultaneously.

Notable elements of the adopted ordinance include:

  • New single family detached – no requirement

  • New townhouse development of 4 or fewer units, not exceeding 5,000 sq ft and have a one-hour fire wall between units – no requirement

  • Townhouse development that does not fall within the parameters of the above exemption – 1 EV space per unit

  • New cottage housing – no requirement

  • New or substantially improved apartments, or apartment paved parking expanded by 50% or more - 10% of total spaces EVSE and 25% of total spaces EV ready

A last-minute amendment proposed by Councilmember Kohl-Welles was also adopted with the proposal. It directs the Executive’s Office to develop a rebate program to offset the cost for affordable housing. The Executive’s Office has yet to reply to the adopted amendment and a funding source has not been identified. The adopted measure also includes provisions for non-residential and commercial development.

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