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Snohomish County School Districts Submit Capital Facilities Plans and Proposed Impact Fees

Posted on May 24, 2022 in:
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School districts from throughout Snohomish County have submitted their required capital facilities plans for the next biennium. The plans form the basis for school impact fees. Later this year the plans will be reviewed by the respective school boards, the Snohomish County Planning Commission and County Council before adoption, usually coinciding with the County budget. You can review the plans and an overview of the process here. Any change in fees would go into effect January of 2023.

Below are the proposed 2023-24 rates (including 50% discount):
District                  Single Family                      Multi-Family (2BR)
Arlington                     $4,002                                    $2,328
Everett                         $6,286                                    $3,834
Lake Stevens           $11,434                                     $4,281
Lakewood                  0                                              0
Marysville                    0                                              0
Monroe                       $2,961                                     0
Mukilteo                      $1,053                                $11,374
Northshore               $17,963                                     $0
NS Townhomes          $7,152                                     -
Snohomish                  $6,495                                $4,514
Sultan                        $14,842                                 $9,576

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