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SEPA Exemption Ordinance Adopted by Snohomish County Council

Posted on Sep 30, 2022 in:
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On Wednesday, September 28, the Snohomish County Council unanimously adopted Ordinance 22-037 related to SEPA exemptions for infill development. You can review the measure HERE. MBAKS members and staff had worked with County leaders for several months to perfect the language before it could go to hearing. The Council has 5 days to submit the ordinance to Executive Somers for his signature, who also has 5 days to sign it, followed by a brief publication period. Members can expect the new law to be in effect in about 2 weeks.
This success was made possible by the passage of HB 2673 in the state legislature giving cities and counties the local authority to grant SEPA exemptions for projects “equal or roughly equal to” Comprehensive Plan designations. Snohomish County is believed to be the first County in Washington State to enact HB 2673’s provisions. We now turn our attention to cities within the County to urge them to adopt similar code.

You can watch an archived video of the proceedings here. For more information, please contact


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