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Arlington City Council Adopts Beneficial Zoning Code Amendments

Posted on Oct 21, 2022 in:
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This week, the Arlington City Council held a public hearing and adopted proposed zoning code amendments. The adopted amendments include many big wins for housing such as:

  • Administrative approval of final plats

  • Beneficial ADU reform similar to HB 1660

  • Increased lot coverage from 35% to 45% in moderate and medium capacity zones

  • Added a new section for Private Roads Access Tracts specifically for unit lot subdivisions

  • Necessary streamlining and clarifying of the code including map updates

MBAKS worked with the city for the majority of 2022 on these updates. MBAKS submitted substantial comments to the council highlighting our support of the beneficial changes but also committing to continue to work with the city to tweak some concerns (setbacks, driveways, and other dimensional standards) as the city gears up for updating its comprehensive plan. MBAKS was also successful in amending the preclusion (and then variance) of panhandle lots to being allowed now via the Community Development Director’s discretion.

Thank you to the members who were involved throughout this process to ensure a more practical code. View the staff report and code amendments.

Please contact with any questions.


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