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REMINDER: King County Solar Readiness Requirements Effective Jan. 1

Posted on Dec 2, 2022 in:
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Effective Jan. 1, 2023, King County will require solar-ready equipment in new residential construction. Late this year, after nearly a two-year debate and concerns raised by the industry, King County updated its Code with the optional Solar-Ready Appendix to the 2018 Washington State Residential Council. This appendix requires set-aside of 300 square feet of unshaded/uninterrupted roof area for new single family residential (SFR) and 150 square feet. for townhouse and duplex with a capped penetration sleeve and dedicated breaker. An exemption is granted if 70% of the roof area is shaded. The solar-ready requirement becomes effective Jan. 1, 2023. To ease the transition for preapproved basics, County staff will accept a slip sheet to the added plans.

If you have questions on the requirements, please contact Kim Barker, Plans Examiner 206.848.0368.

For more information, please see the Oct. 12 presentation or contact


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