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In North Bend: Sallal Water Association Lifts New Connection Moratorium; MBAKS Continues to Monitor

Posted on Jan 6, 2023 in:
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The Sallal Water Association voted just before the holidays to lift a new connection moratorium, ending a six-month pause that raised concerns about development in the east and south of North Bend. Sallal had implemented the moratorium due to concerns of overreaching available supply from their Rattlesnake well water right. The abrupt reversal came after Sallal hired consultants Gray & Osborne, Inc. to review their water system, who concluded that Sallal was overestimating the leakage in their system and consuming less water than their meters had measured, allowing Sallal to serve new and additional connections.
However, staff from the city of North Bend are not optimistic this will solve the water capacity problem in East North Bend. According to the consultant report, Sallal had approximately 350 equivalent residential units (ERUs) of capacity at the end of 2021. According to a letter from Sallal to the King County Utilities Technical Review Committee, Sallal has approximately 200 approved but yet unconnected ERUs. As Sallal currently has no other means to acquire a water right, the remaining 150 ERU difference will go quickly. Get those connection permits in soon!
MBAKS will continue to monitor the situation as Sallal and the city negotiate on an agreement that would allow Sallal to buy city water in return for providing mitigation water to North Bend for the Snoqualmie River. However, Sallal and the city have been in these negotiations for 15 years, and the city is also seeking a legislative solution this cycle that would allow them to consolidate the private water co-op into the city water system.

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