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Issaquah Contractor Code of Conduct Amended and Scheduled for Adoption in February

Posted on Jan 6, 2023 in:
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MBAKS is actively participating in the development of a Contractor Code of Conduct in Issaquah, a draft of which was considered by the Issaquah Planning, Development & Environment Committee this week. The city has described the code of conduct as a more public-facing version of existing requirements in pre-construction documents; however, MBAKS is advocating to ensure that it does not overstep what is already codified. In direct response to our comments, the Council Committee removed a mailed notification requirement for medium and large builds in favor of signage with a QR code to direct community members to a website for information. The code will not require any additional signage on smaller projects such as single-family homes and interior remodels. Thank you to members who have provided feedback. This item is now scheduled for City Council to adopt by resolution on February 6th.

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