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Snohomish County Releases Tree Canopy Report

Posted on Jun 16, 2023 in:
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Snohomish County Planning Development Services has released its 2022 Annual Tree Canopy Report and it has been scheduled to be briefed to the County Planning Commission. From there it will go to the County Council for a briefing. No action is needed on the report, but it is a code required document.
The report again indicates that homebuilders are exceeding tree canopy requirements. Snohomish County’s long term tree canopy approach proves year after year it is successful. You can review the entire report HERE.
Highlights include:
-2,766 new trees were planted to meet canopy requirements, which is actually an undercount as many trees planted for landscaping are not counted.
-16%. That’s by how much homebuilders exceeded canopy requirements.
-1,278,474 square feet. The total tree canopy area achieved; compared to a required 1,101,055 square feet.
-49 residential projects were subject to canopy requirements.
-9 of those 49 projects exceeded requirements by at least 5%.
-80 total tree species were planted, with Douglas Fir being the most common.

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