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Everett City Council Adopts Major ADU Code Amendments

Posted on Jul 21, 2023 in:
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This week, the Everett City Council unanimously adopted the city’s proposed ADU ordinance. The proposal largely followed MBAKS’ model ADU code including key provisions that would allow up to two accessory dwelling units on lots that meet size, shape, and lot coverage requirements, remove owner-occupancy requirements and design standards, allow ownership segregation to permit ADU ownership, and streamline, simplify, and in some cases reduce, regulations addressing setbacks, height, maximum size, and parking.
MBAKS provided comments supporting the proposal and successfully worked with the Council for an amendment to allow ADUs in the UR4 zone. The ordinance aligns the city’s code with HB 1337 that passed the legislature earlier this year. MBAKS worked with the city on this code for over two years and earned what is likely the most flexible ADU code in the state. View the updated proposal and View a recent presentation. Mayor Franklin is expected to sign the measure and the new code will take effect in approximately two weeks. We’ll provide an update on the exact date it becomes law.

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