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Seattle City Council Moves Transportation Impact Fee Vote to Full Council

Posted on Oct 27, 2023 in:
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On Tuesday, October 10th, Seattle City Councilmember Alex Pederson introduced a motion to send a public hearing for transportation impact fees (TIF) to full council. MBAKS expressed its opposition to the introduction of impact fees by submitting a comment letter, while Housing Policy Specialist Tasha Weiss testified against the motion.

Unfortunately, the motion passed 5 to 4. As a result, the upcoming public hearing, set for November 7th, will now take place before the entire council, rather than the Land Use Committee. Furthermore, there is potential for a full council vote on this matter scheduled for November 21.

As MBAKS closely monitors this development in collaboration with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, we will keep members updated, collect comment letters, and ensure that our members' voices are heard in our continued opposition to the proposed fee.

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