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Snohomish City Council Adopts Affordable Housing Incentives

Posted on Mar 6, 2024 in:
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  • Housing Affordability

The Snohomish City Council held a public hearing to gather testimony related to the repeal and replacement of its Affordable Housing Incentives ordinance on March 5th. MBAKS provided testimony and generally spoke in favor of the incentives, but urged the Snohomish City Council to continue to find incentives and other policy choices that would reduce the barriers to provide housing at all income levels. Snohomish needs to plan for 99 units of affordable housing in the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update. In contrast, the city is also obligated to plan for 1,300 units of housing for households at 100% area median income (AMI). The city was asked to next focus its attention on planning for the 1,300 units of 100% and above AMI housing.

Under consideration were various financial and regulatory incentives for affordable housing. The agenda can be found here. For example, if a development included 10% of its units affordable at 60% AMI, the incentives available were expedited permit review, reduced parking requirements, fee reductions, density bonuses, and building height incentives for projects in the Midtown North overlay among others.

The Affordable Housing Incentives ordinance was approved by a vote of 7-0 after council debate.

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