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Everett City Council Adopts Amended Traffic Mitigation Fee Increase

Posted on Dec 18, 2020 in:
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The Everett City Council has unanimously adopted an amended traffic mitigation fees ordinance. MBAKS successfully worked with the city to get an amended ordinance, which included changes to phased-in implementation over the next two years (50% in 2021 and the remaining 50% in 2022) and moved the effective date to February 1, 2021 (similar to Snohomish County’s approach).

The city has not revised its traffic fees since 2014 and will increase its traffic fee to $3,994 per p.m. peak hour trip (up from the $2,400 implemented in 2014). The ordinance would also change the inflation index that the fee is annually adjusted by. Originally, it was based on the Washington State Department of Transportation Construction Cost Index (WSDOT CCI), which ceased to be updated in 2016, and is proposed to be based on the Federal Highway Administration National Highway Construction Cost Index (FHWA NHCCI).

MBAKS submitted a comment letter and testified in favor of the amendments to the fee increase. View the staff report.

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