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Lake Stevens City Council Approves Maximum SEPA Thresholds

Posted on May 14, 2021 in:
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This week, the Lake Stevens City Council held a public hearing on the city’s proposed increases to SEPA exemptions for minor construction. The original proposal recommended an increase to nine single family units and 20 multifamily units being exempt (up from four units each). The city council reviewed the proposal and asked for more of an increase as well as data analysis to support the proposal. City staff provided a new recommendation raising the single family exemption threshold to 15 units and multifamily development to 30 units and found it supportable as adequate regulations are in place to provide the same level of public notice and environmental protection.

The proposal also increases exemptions to grading to 1,000 cubic yards. MBAKS wrote a comment letter in support of higher thresholds and encouraged the adoption of the maximum exemptions (30 single family units and 60 multifamily units) at the planning commission and forwarded the letter to the council asking the same. The council amended and adopted the maximum thresholds for residential units (as MBAKS requested) by a vote of 5-2. View the staff report.

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