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MBAKS Submits Two Official Letters to SDCI and Seattle City Councilmembers

Posted on Nov 5, 2021 in:
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MBAKS has sent two official policy letters to City decision-makers on behalf of Seattle members. The first letter reiterates MBAKS proposed recommendations to the upcoming changes to the Seattle Tree Ordinance, which include: an in-lieu-of fee program, a streamlined tree-only administrative design review, and a delayed implementation of 18 months. The second letter was in opposition to the new Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) addressing fee. SDCI has recently began charging close to a $2,500 addressing fee for a DADU, which is the same as a single-family home. This conflicts with the actual code definition of a DADU, which is by name defined as an accessory unit, not a single-family home. SDCI defends the change as a way simplify their paperwork and integration with Acella.

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