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Snohomish County Council Adopts Missing Middle Legislation

Posted on May 6, 2022 in:
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The Snohomish County Council unanimously voted to pass MBAKS promoted missing middle housing legislation. Ordinance 22-016 achieves a variety of missing middle housing goals through a series of steps. Townhomes become a permitted use in R-7200 zones and building heights are increased from 30’ to 35’ in that zone. In LDMR zones existing dwelling units retained won’t count towards density calculations. For LDMR and MR zones maximum density may be increased up to 50% (up from 20%). Additionally, in the R-7200, R-8400 and R-9600 zones various beneficial density calculations are made. And finally, PRD dwelling unit calculations are favorably increased by 25%. The County Executive is expected to sign the legislation.

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