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About the MBA

Builders sharing technology and solving construction problems, while providing attractive, affordable communities and homes for the families of the Puget Sound region.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the operations of our Association. The 15-member board is made up of a five-member Executive Committee, four appointed directors, and six directors elected at-large for two-year terms.

President's Message

Elevating Our Influence for 108 Years and Counting

Welcome to the home of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, the number one trusted and respected source for housing.

Here, you will find builders, contractors, and tradespeople ready to help you realize your dream home, take on the remodel you’ve always imagined, or just fix that annoying roof leak you’ve been dealing with. DIYer? Browse our many expert articles and guides on everything home, then catch up on the latest legislative news and advocacy efforts on behalf of the Puget Sound-area housing industry. 

Industry professionals—and those curious about the building industry—can network with other member professionals and sign up to attend educational courses, large speaking engagement events, posh awards gatherings, and laid-back happy hours. Want to participate in our fun and life-changing stewardship events like Rampathon® and Painting a Better Tomorrow™? We’d love to have you. 

No matter your interests, you’ll soon learn that we are plugged in to just about every outlet in the Puget Sound Region—because we love where we live, and want to keep it that way. 

As the residential building professionals of the Puget Sound Region, our members—more than 2,800-strong—have a simple goal: to give every one of our residents a place they can comfortably call home, today and tomorrow.

Mike Walsh, Terrene Homes
MBA President

Executive Committee

Mike Walsh President Terrene Homes 
Erich Armbruster 1st Vice President Ashworth Homes
Sunshine Kapus 2nd Vice President Gamut360 Holdings, LLC
Jayson Buechler Secretary Housing Capital, a division of U.S. Bank
Joseph Irons Immediate Past President Irons Brothers Construction

Board of Directors

Luellen Smith Associate Director Rhino Wine Cellars & Cooling Systems
Mark Villwock Associate Director LDC Inc.
Kevin Ballard Builder Director Village Life 
Aaron Fairchild Builder Director Green Canopy Homes 
Keith Hammer Builder Director nwBuilt (NW Investment Builders, LLC)
August Bergdahl Builder-Remodeler Director Crescent Builds 
Bonnie Geers Advocacy Director Quadrant Homes
Kelley Moldstad Community Stewardship Director Toll Brothers
Paul Bogel Financial Director HomeStreet Bank
Steve Cory Member Services Director Fidelity National Title
Duana Koloušková
MBA Legal Advisor Johns Monroe Mitsunaga and Koloušková, PLLC 

Staff Liaison

Jacqui Webster

Past Presidents

Joseph Irons  2016  
Patrick McBride 2015
Martha Rose 2014
Brian Ross 2013
Sherry Schwab 2012
Lynn Eshleman 2011
Dave Main 2010
John Day 2009
Joe Schwab 2008
Doug Barnes 2007
Jim Potter 2006
Donna Shirey 2005
Peter Orser 2004
Todd Bennett 2003
Sandy McAdams 2002
Ty Waudé 2001
Charlie Conner 2000
Patrick McCourt 1999
Jack Tenhulzen 1998
Zakir Parpia 1997
John Cochenour 1996
Chuck Crosby 1995
Rick Lennon 1994
Michael Echelbarger 1993
Colin Quinn 1992
Byron J. Vadset 1991
Charles L. Henderson 1990
William A. Sherman 1989
Larry Sundquist 1988
Dick Rokes 1987
John E. 'Bud' Tynes 1986
Don Dally 1985
Fred Burnstead 1984
Dean Chausee 1983
Rob Stewart 1982
James Summers 1981
Paul Nolan 1980
Pete Hansell 1979
Ed Dean 1978
Leiv Vikingstad 1977
David Dujardin 1976
Bill Conner 1975 
Omar Brown 1974
Harry Thornberg 1973
James D. Burns 1971, 1972
John Nord 1970
Vern Gambriell 1969  
Donald R. Wick 1968  
Al J. Mullally 1967  
Cecil Powell 1966  
Harry Pryde 1965  
Gregg Wilson 1964  
Don McDonald 1963
Archie Iverson 1961, 1962
E.B. 'Tug' Vaughters 1960
H.K. Schroeder 1959
E.L. 'Buzz' Flowers 1958
C. Fred Dally 1957
Sid H. Brase 1956
E.E. Roman 1955 Seattle Builders & Contractors
A.L. LaPierre 1955 Seattle Master Builders
Don Kielbauch 1954 Seattle Builders & Contractors
Dan Narodick 1954 Seattle Master Builders
Axel Thornberg 1953 Seattle Builders & Contractors
A.C. Goodwin 1952, 1953 Seattle Master Builders
Herbert Dahl 1952 Seattle Builders & Contractors
Hans Floethe 1951 Seattle Builders & Contractors
Ross Hebb 1951
Seattle Master Builders
Harold Larsen 1950
Seattle Master Builders
A.N. Walker 1950
Seattle Builders & Contractors
Bernard Dahl 1949 Seattle Builders & Contractors 
V.O. 'Bud' Stringfellow 1948, 1949 Seattle Master Builders
Lew Hykes 1947  
Cliff Mortenson 1946
F.R. 'Dick' McAbee 1944, 1945   
H.E. Forseman 1943  
Thomas Conrand 1942  
Bernard Dahl 1941  
E.M. Bucholz 1940  
E. J. Groseclose 1936-1939
Sam Andersen 1933-1935
Capt. C. S. Sapp 1931-1933  
A.J. Allen 1930  
Roy Lipscomb
J. L. Grandey
Gardner J. Gwinn
Stanley Long
Edward L. Merritt
1924, 1925
H.B. Warrack 1922, 1923
J.E. Shoemaker 1921
Charles Carkeek
1919, 1920  
Edgar S. Booker
1917, 1918
Neil M. McDonald
C.C. Cawsey
John J. Frantz
1914, 1915

Associate Director
Associate Director