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Developer Builder Issues Council (DBIC)

The Developer Builder Issues Council is the strategic lobbying arm for regulatory issues in Snohomish County and its local municipalities. Members are invited to participate in roundtable discussions on local issues affecting day-to-day business and stay in the know with weekly newsletters.

Contact a staff liaison below to subscribe to our builder council newsletters or get help with an issue in your jurisdiction.

Staff Liaisons

Mike Pattison
Senior Snohomish County Manager

Dylan Sluder
Snohomish County Manager


Council Leadership

John Mirante
Pacific Ridge Homes
2021 DBIC Chair

Upcoming Events and Meetings

Dec 1

Developer Builder Issues Council Virtual Breakfast

Solving Snohomish County issues starts with you.
Dec 2

Seattle Builders Council (SBC) Virtual Breakfast

Virtually break bread and discuss ways to enable business to operate more efficiently in Seattle.
Dec 9

Residential Builders Council Virtual Breakfast

Build better, build smarter.


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Local Issue Updates

See what we've done recently on issues impacting the building industry in Snohomish County.