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We Care About The Puget Sound

Our communities are also our homes. Learn how we help make our region a better place through our advocacy efforts, sustainability practices, and community outreach programs throughout King and Snohomish counties.


We advocate for builders on the federal, state, and local levels and assist members with permitting and regulatory issues.


We want to keep our region green. Learn how to certify green homes and implement green building practices.


From building free wheelchair ramps to painting community centers to park cleanups, our goal is to ensure everyone has a happy, healthy place to call home.


Members get discounts on events and classes.

Jun 1

Developer-Builder Issues Council (DBIC)

Solving Snohomish County issues starts with you.
Jun 2

Getting Your GRIP on Claims, Comp, and Safety

Do you want strategies and tools to help you motivate your employees to keep safety at the top of their minds or know what to do when there is an injury? Then these meetings are for you!
Jun 2

GRIP Education - Residential Construction Fall Awareness

In this training attendees will learn, why fall protection is important, identify the most common fall hazards in residential construction, review and discuss the unified fall protection requirements and develop a fall protection work plan.
Jun 3

Online CESCL Certification

Do you need a Construction Stormwater General Permit from Ecology? If your project disturbs over an acre of land or is in a subdivision, you probably do.
Jun 7

Shaken, Not Stirred

But you can order your drink however you like.
Jun 7

First Aid/CPR

Will you or your coworkers know what to do in case of a medical emergency?