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About the MBA

Builders sharing technology and solving construction problems, while providing attractive, affordable communities and homes for the families of the Puget Sound region.

Core Values


We strive to be trustworthy, dependable, and responsible to each other in pursuing common goals and following through on our individual commitments.


We demonstrate a passion to serve and support others in reaching our common goals and aspirations, which further the Association’s success.


We focus on achieving measurable results by being devoted to providing excellent service to our members, stakeholders, partners, and teammates.


We openly and confidently challenge what exists today by exploring and developing new, workable ideas and solutions for a better tomorrow.


We acknowledge and commend one another for contributions large and small, which encourages further accomplishments and creates a positive work environment.


We always value and consider the viewpoints, challenges, and contributions of others in a spirit of open-mindedness, cooperation, and empathy.