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We want to ensure our residential building professionals and community members are able to do what they do—live and work productively.

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The AHC works with the MBA to help make a positive political environment for the homebuilding industry.

To become a member of the AHC, make an annual Steel Hammer minimum donation of $100. As an AHC Steel Hammer member, you:

  • Are included in all AHC membership communications
  • Qualify for AHC Board of Directors elections

In addition to our baseline Steel Hammer membership, the AHC recognizes donors, on an annual basis, as part of the Hammer Club. Hammer Club membership includes the following levels of support:


Affordable Housing Council Bronze Hammer

Bronze Hammer

Affordable Housing Council Bronze Hammer

Silver Hammer

Affordable Housing Council Bronze Hammer

Gold Hammer

Affordable Housing Council Bronze Hammer

Platinum Hammer



Hammer Club members are invited to exclusive events throughout the year, may participate in AHC candidate interviews, and are recognized at MBA events, in Master Builder magazine, and on this webpage.



Staff Liaison

Holly M. Davis, Political Affairs Manager

2017 AHC Chair

Brian Ross, Oakpointe Communities


Hammer Club Members


Brian Ross
Mike Walsh
Eric Campbell
Brian Holtzclaw, Village Life
Marty Robinett
Shannon Affholter*


Erich Armbruster
Kevin Ballard
Bonnie Geers
Jim Langus*
Dave Ducharme
Sunshine Kapus
Joseph Irons
Ron Main
Todd Levitt, Murray Franklyn
Greg Tisdel
Lynn Eshleman
Duana Kolouskova, JMMK
Kurt Wilson
Gary Young, Shelter Holdings
Nick Harper*


Mark Villwock, LDC Inc.
Keith Hammer


Jayson Buechler
Doug Barnes
Dave Main
Aaron Fairchild
John Cochenour
Rhino Wine Cellars & Cooling Systems
Paul Bogel
David Hoffman*
Patricia Akiyama*
Holly Davis*
Angie Sievers*


*MBA staff members


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