Our goal is to ensure every one of our neighbors has a happy, healthy place to call home. Together, let’s make our communities the best they can be.


Painting a Better Tomorrow™ 2015

Painting a Better Tomorrow™, the MBA’s fall signature event, began in 2002. Since its inception, projects have ranged in size from single room transformations to incomplete construction projects, and even 100-year-old buildings. We are often told that this project is a true gift, as paint is frequently the first item crossed off of the operations budget


The 2015 project took place in two of the old officers’ quarters on Sand Point Naval Base. Between our staff prep day and the event itself, more than 140 volunteers were involved. Volunteers included MBA members, co-workers, staff, friends, and family as well as volunteers from the community at large. Many volunteers have participated since the early years and continue to participate. 

About Solid Ground 

Solid Ground was founded in 1974 by community leaders and citizens of the Fremont district, an area that at the time was economically devastated. Their principle philosophy is to eliminate the basic causes of poverty, which include racism and discrimination. Before becoming Solid Ground, the organization was known as the Fremont Public Association. Original services included a food bank, clothing bank, and employment program. 

And my how things have grown! 2014 statistics reported 22 programs throughout King County and beyond. Today, Solid Ground helps over 60,000 households overcome poverty and build a better future. 
They approach their work with compassion, integrity, accountability, creativity, and anti-oppression to help end barriers to social justice. The program also strives for collaboration and leadership from the communities in which their impact is felt.