Our goal is to ensure every one of our neighbors has a happy, healthy place to call home. Together, let’s make our communities the best they can be.


Rampathon 2015

In 2015, 19 Rampathon teams contributed 21 ramps for recipients in numerous communities from Covington to Monroe. Recipients ranged from age 2 to 88; some live in family situations and others live alone; some have partial mobility and others are completely dependent on 24-hour care. All recipients are living better lives today than they were a year ago.


When the 20 builder companies and their Rampathon team members woke up way too early on Saturday, May 16, 2015, they did not set out to create feel good stories. Rather, they envisioned and then accomplished do good stories, each one stemmed from the hard working, community-minded members of the Master Builders Association and the many volunteers who ask for nothing more than the chance to give back.

On one day each May for the past 22 years, Rampathon participants help build free wheelchair ramps for low-income homeowners throughout King and Snohomish counties. This year, the MBA was able to give 20 more Puget Sound area residents and their families more freedom to move about their communities, capped off by the 2015 showcase ramp located at the Seattle home of Aviv and Sophia Grace, and their moms Anat Caspi and Stacey Sunde.