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​PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 Safety Toolkit Released for Construction Restart

Posted on Apr 24, 2020 in:
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COVID-19 Safety Toolkit Released for Construction Restart

Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties develops a safety packet with templates for builders to resume work during COVID-19 crisis

BELLEVUE, Wash—April 24, 2020—Today, Governor Jay Inslee announced a plan to immediately restart some residential construction that can be done safely. The plan is based on recommendations unanimously agreed to by a workgroup formed by the Governor, consisting of construction industry and labor leaders. Based on the Governor’s announcement and this framework, MBAKS has created a safety toolkit designed to create and maintain a safe working environment upon return to construction projects.

“We have an obligation to help our workforce and our community stay safe as residential construction restarts,” said MBAKS Executive Director Kat Sims. “We are providing this toolkit simply because the safety of everyone who returns to work in this climate carries the highest importance.”

The Phase 1 toolkit includes safety plans for job sites—including policies regarding control measures related to safe distancing, hygiene, sanitation, etc.—and plans for jobsite cleaning and disinfecting, OSHA recordkeeping, and other safety information.

The toolkit also includes English- and Spanish-language signage and posters to be posted at job sites, and identifies specific duties given to onsite supervisors or managers who will oversee the compliance of safety protocols. Guidance on weekly meetings for procedures and expectations is included in the toolkit, along with daily checklists and safety data sheets.

MBAKS has created this toolkit alongside our existing COVID-19-dedicated website, which provides resources on where businesses can find safety equipment—PPE, handwashing stations, etc.—and resources pertaining to jurisdictions and utilities.

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