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Think Bigger

Posted on Aug 27, 2018 in:
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Think Big: the sky is the limit

When someone asks you to think big, what is your first thought? For some of us, the answer would be, “Yeah, right.” 

But think about this: We don't have to ask kids to think big. It's automatic. They seem to have the carefree lifestyle that allows them all the time they need to think and dream. And, they also have this marvelous sense of self-confidence mixed with a who cares attitude. Blurting out the desire to be an astronaut or a fireman or the most powerful woman on Wall Street seems to come naturally—and frequently! 

Then, somewhere along the way, we age and start adulting. We learn how to fit into the system. How to memorize (versus think) to pass the exam.

On October 4, we won't return to kid-like blurting. However, we will take the time to think big. 


Because thinking big can unlock our full potential. 

You will be inspired and walk away with the tools to help you think big. Let’s be honest—some of you are rusty at dreaming about your future. And some of you have developed the bad habit of self-sabotage and standing in your own way. 

Action comes from within. You yourself must do the work, take the next steps, and set yourself free to live your best life. And a little inspiration goes a long way. 

Tap into that inspiration. Spend one day with other powerful individuals at this year’s Professional Women in Building Conference October 4 and intentionally begin that bigger life for yourself on October 5.

I'll see you there!

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