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New MBAKS Issue Brief Focuses on Lowering Barriers for Middle Housing

Posted on Apr 15, 2024 in:
  • Advocacy
  • Industry Issues
  • Building Codes

MBAKS has released a new middle housing issue brief to support successful implementation of House Bill 1110. The new brief, Middle Housing Implementation Plan, contains process and model code recommendations for cities subject to HB 1110, as well as tools and resources related to middle housing.

MBAKS’ overarching suggestion for cities implementing middle housing is to keep it simple. The easier and more cost-effective it is to build middle housing, the more likely it is to be built, and the more attainable it will be for those looking for a place to call home. The recommendations in the issue brief were informed by the work of MBAKS’ Ad Hoc Middle Housing Advisory Group and are designed to streamline the review process and facilitate more housing choices.

Allowing more middle housing will enable cities to better plan for a spectrum of housing choices so that current residents, newcomers, and future generations may find a home that best fits their lives. View Middle Housing Implementation Plan.


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