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2023 Built Green Conference Preview

Posted on Sep 5, 2023 in:
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Author: Sonja O'Claire, Built Green Program Manager

With the heatwaves of summer coming to an end it’s time to kick off your conference season with the annual Built Green Conference, presented by DTG Recycle, at the Lynnwood Event Center on September 14th.

With a multitude of housing laws passed, impending energy code changes, every city steeped in updating their comprehensive plans, and Built Green relaunching its Remodel certification, 2023 was rightly named the “Year of Housing” in Washington. This year’s speakers and sessions were curated to highlight market-based climate solutions that balance advantageous economic opportunities with tackling the environmental and social imperatives of climate change.

Built Green Conference

Opening Keynote

Roger Ballentine


Roger Ballentine, President of Green Strategies Inc., asserts that climate change is here, and it is here because we did not change. His keynote address will deliver the imperative of how we must change—change how we consume, change the technologies we use, change who we elect, and (yes) change our homes. Capitalism has been a major contributor to creating the climate crisis but it too can be changed to become a force for positive change. “Climate Capitalism” is the idea that today, the best pathway for companies and industries to create enterprise value and outcompete their peers is by also creating climate value. He’ll reveal how this is not a pipe dream, but tangible and implementable.

At Green Strategies Inc. Roger provides management consulting services to corporate and financial sector clients on sustainability strategy; decarbonization; investment and transaction evaluation; clean energy procurement strategies; and the integration of energy and environmental policy considerations into business strategy. Previously, Roger has served as a senior member of the White House staff, advising on Environmental Initiatives, he has been an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching energy and climate law, and has filled various board roles focusing on sustainability and renewable energy.

Educational Breakout Sessions

Code Academy track

Adapting Policy session

Gary Klein speaker

Workforce Development session

Get technical in all things 2021 WSEC in our Code Academy track and two Innovative Approaches sessions on plumbing design presented by Gary Klein. These six sessions will cover critical changes expected from the 2021 WSEC in the crucial code credit areas of HVAC, thermal envelope, and energy efficient plumbing design. Learn how to cost effectively meet, and exceed, the 2021 WSEC from our expert speakers. Additionally, check out Green Canopy NODE’s innovative panelized construction practices that helped the Grow Community in Bainbridge achieve compact 5-star level performance under the 2018 WSEC.

It was a BIG year for the advancement of middle housing across our state. Hear from our Middle Housing panel, featuring WA Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, Dave Osaki, and Ryan Donohue, what is next for middle housing implementation. Attend this session to learn how local comprehensive plans and zoning will be affected and their potential for reducing environmental impact and increasing housing choice. Other sessions in the Adapting Policy track include discussions on overcoming the policy barriers to solar energy, Kirkland’s new High Performance Building programs, and Seattle’s proposed embodied carbon building codes.

In our Decarbonizing Case Studies track features four sessions dedicated to reducing carbon emissions from our built environment. Sessions offered by Nathan Coons, Anthony and Abbey Maschmedt will focus on Built Green certified remodeled homes that reduced their operational carbon emissions, while maintaining the home’s character and enhancing it to serve future generations. Continuing the conversation on embodied carbon emissions, Talia Dreicer’s session will demonstrate how embodied carbon calculations are becoming a standard part of TC Legend Home’s design conversations as they strive for net zero carbon homes. Daniel Glenn’s session will feature four case studies on tribal lands in the Pacific Northwest that provide affordable, low-energy housing that reflect and celebrate the tribal cultures of the residents.

See details on the full conference agenda and sessions.

Built Green Project Basics

Built Green Project Basics

This 4-part specialty track is specifically designed for on-site supervisors, project managers, and city inspectors to give a practical overview of the Built Green certification program, incorporating effective air control layers, and the implications of HVAC on airtight homes. Josh Salinger with Birdsmouth Design-Build and Cybil Tribie with BEE Consulting will cover the basics of managing a Built Green project from a site supervisor’s perspective and critical building science construction details related to ensuring air-tight building envelopes and efficient HVAC performance. Not only is this track included in a full conference ticket, but it is also available at a deeply discounted single-track price.

It's More Than Just Educational

Throughout the day you’ll be able to network with other attendees, sponsors, and speakers about the sessions and gain professional connections. Explore our Sponsors Expo where our sponsors will showcase the latest green products, celebrate Built Green Hammer Award winners, and attend an Ask-Me-Anything session with our keynote speaker.

Bring Your E-Waste for Recycling!

Our presenting sponsor, DTG Recycle, will also be collecting small electronics for e-waste recycling at the conference. Plan to look through your drawers and desks to take advantage of this complimentary perk of attendance! Accepted e-waste items: cell phones, laptops, tablets, wires/cables/AC chargers, routers, and small portable devices. NO leaking or cracked items.

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