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Lake Stevens Adopts Middle Housing and ADU Regulations

Posted on Mar 1, 2024 in:
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The Lake Stevens City Council amended its housing regulations on February 27th to conform to HB 1110 (Middle Housing) and HB 1337 (ADUs). This work is being completed as part of its 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update. Notable changes included:

Middle Housing

  • Allows construction of duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes;
  • Allows four residential units per lot if at least one unit is affordable at 80% AMI (sale) or 60% AMI (rental);
  • Zero lot line subdivision may be used to create the lots through the Unit Lot Subdivision process; and
  • Condominiums may be created for units in a “stack” configuration through a binding site process.


  • May be sited on a lot line (without a required setback) if the lot line abuts a public alley;
  • Allows conversions of existing structures (such as detached garages) to ADUs, even if they violate current code requirements for setbacks or lot coverage;
  • Requires only one parking space per ADU regardless of lot size;
  • Reduces impact fees to 50% of the amount that would be imposed on the principal unit; and
  • ADUs may be conveyed as condominiums subject to an approved binding site plan.

Finally, the Lake Stevens City Council discussed potentially increasing the amount of impermeable surface for ADU lots to encourage additional density. The council asked staff to examine the issue and potentially bring it back later in the year. MBAKS will be reaching out to council members and will continue the conversation with staff to work on this issue.

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