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Snohomish County Comprehensive Plan Update Briefed at Council

Posted on Apr 5, 2024 in:
  • Advocacy
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  • Growth Management

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers has released his recommendations regarding the 2024 Snohomish County Comprehensive Plan Update. You may view the ordinances and related information here. A series of eight separate ordinances make up the draft plan and have been submitted to the County Council. The ordinances are as follows:

- Policy and map amendments

- Future Land Use Map amendments

- Amendments to the official zoning map

- Revisions to the Darrington UGA

- Revisions to the Southwest UGA

- Revisions to the Future Land Use map per a Docket request

- Amending SCC 30.23 per a Docket request

- Revising the Southwest UGA per a Docket request (Woodway)

 The Council will now be tasked with defining what form of the plan they wish to see a Final Environmental Impact Statement prepared – then host public hearings in August, followed by potential adoption in September of this year.

The Council will be working from the Executive recommended ordinances and make any changes they want in the form of amendments to those documents.

Please contact with any questions.


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